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The Mind, Body and Soul Connection




WellCorp Health and Wellness is a Global Corporate Health and Wellness company. We work with you to design all-encompassing online or face to face training and development programs for employee wellbeing, physical and mental health, resilience, wellness and corporate mindfulness and promote a culture of health and wellness.

WellCorp can help you design a program specifically to support your employees and their wellbeing, the needs and requirements of your organisation. We are your one-stop-shop for employee health and wellbeing.

We create communities that support each other to combat stress, anxiety, injury prevention and provide the knowledge and understanding of how to improve personal health and wellbeing. The relationships built with our community are the building blocks of creating a positive mindset and lifestyle.

Our principals and ethos are based around the improvement of the health, nutrition and mindset of our community, by giving them the tools and knowledge to thrive mentally and physically. By connecting passion with purpose we will:

    1. Create a community that thrives.
    2. Work with the best and most proactive health and fitness professionals.
    3. Deliver measurable outcomes and offer client accountability throughout their health and fitness journey.
    4. Our qualified coaches are available for our community online and onsite at various locations to offer ongoing health, exercise, nutrition and mindset advice.


At WellCorp Health and Wellness we believe in taking a holistic approach, wellness is not just about fitness. While is it an aspect of our corporate wellbeing programs we connect you with our global network of facilitators, so we are able to provide corporate wellbeing programs and services to companies to assist with mindset, nutrition and fitness.

Our Health and Wellness Programs empower employees to make small changes to their lifestyle so they develop life long habits that improve their wellbeing.

We work in collaboration with you to tailor the employee wellbeing program to meet your organisation’s needs. We will assist you with everything from the design and fit-out of on-site gyms to personalised fitness and nutrition plans or mindset routines.  

We help you to create a workplace wellbeing program utilising the knowledge and experience of our health and wellbeing experts to deliver results for your employees. 


We understand your staff are individuals, we work to build a foundation around their health and not just their fitness.

We bring all the systems and strategies that you need to ensure that you keep going on your program by combining the right elements for you personally that ensure the longevity of your health.

The WellCorp solutions include Wellness Assessments, Goal Setting Tools, Activity & Incentive Trackers, Behavioural Change Tools, Evaluation and Incentives. However, WellCorp also offers eight-week long wellness mastery to challenge employees to strive harder both for health and in a work environment.

We facilitate incredibly immersive live wellness classes and virtual experiences for teams across the world. By blending technology and done-for-you customised wellness services with some of the world’s leading teachers and facilitators, WelCorp promotes organisational wellness through fostering team-building, reducing workplace stress and creating healthier workplace environments. All your team has to do is show up to the meeting on their calendar, and the WellCorp team will take care of the rest.

WellCorp offers three personalised one on one coaching and online tracking systems to measure your company’s wellness success and lowered healthcare costs.  Most of WellCorp’s clients are seeing 80% of employees (as well as their spouses) engaging in healthier lifestyles as a result of their unique wellness program.

Our greatest point of difference in the corporate wellness space is three words—onsite fitness centres.  WellCorp has been helping organisations and individuals understand the connection between lifestyle and risk factors for preventable disease for nearly 2 decades and have proven to create healthy habits and foster a community for staff to train at an onsite gym ensuring it’s a success and staff utilise the facilities to its full capability!

We build on-site gyms and fitness centres, fit them out with state of the art fitness equipment and technology.

Our collective team of health professionals together produce a complete health and wellness program to improve the quality of your employee’s lives. Our comprehensive program is designed, to create a cohesive, healthy and highly productive community-focused workforce.

Our innovative programs are made specifically for your organisation and combine online and face-to-face training and programs to build staff resilience, wellbeing and mental health.

We pride ourselves with being on the cutting edge of health, fitness and technology.

Our technology is the first-ever lifestyle program that gives you customised, simple and practical insights for scientifically-proven health and happiness.

Personalised Coaching that involves understanding your personal motivation and drive and prescribing the correct exercise prescription, nutrition and mindset programming for you.

Accountability Coaching which is essential to truly achieving those results you have always wanted. You will have your very own Personal WellCorp Coach supporting you with monthly check-ins, goal setting and nutritional guidance. Our coaches are going to keep you motivated, on-track and there for you every step of the way.

Personalised Coaching that involves understanding your personal motivation and drive and prescribing the correct exercise prescription, nutrition and mindset programming for you.

WOD’s (Workouts of the Day) that keep the training exciting, fun, great energy, good music and the exercises within the WOD are to assist in reducing and preventing injury for all Vulcan employees! They are specifically tailored to assist in the movement patterns that are included in the Vulcan Games!

The WellCorp team of trusted workplace wellness consultants utilise our no-nonsense, science-based Nutrition System which is famous for its simplicity and results. Discovering what foods are best for you and what you should avoid and allows you to tailor your meals to exactly the foods you love to get you the results you have always wanted. You will also have your very own WellCorp Coach guiding and supporting you through the entire process.

We utilise functional strength training which is an exciting way of combining traditional “functional training” with all the benefits of Strength Training. This gives the body exactly what it needs to build lean muscle, tone up and dramatically increase fitness and performance leaving you feeling strong, confident and alive!

28 Day Goal Setting is for everyone who is looking to commit to making a positive change in their health and wellness this year. Every 28 days you and your WellCorp Coach will connect and go over your top 5 goals. Why? Because if you don’t clearly define what you want how are you ever going to get there? Our 28 day Goal Setting System along with your very own Coach is going to guide and support you to truly take control of your life and destiny. The one you deserve.

WellCorp’s Health and Wellness community for Vulcan is known for being fun and supportive. When you join the Facebook community you join a family. A family of like minded people that will support you on your fitness and lifestyle journey.

One condition to joining the WellCorp family…. No egos, just good vibes.