WellCorp Health and Wellness is a Global Health and Wellness company.We work with you to design all-encompassing online or face to face fitness and wellbeing programs that can be done online, at home or in the gym.
MJ and her team of experts will work with your to design a program specifically for your employees. WellCorp is your one-stop shop for taking that first step with an all encompassed approach towards your staff’s health and wellbeing.
Our team of coaches assist in support to combat stress, anxiety, injury prevention and provide the knowledge and understanding of how to improve personal health and wellbeing. The relationships built with our community are the building blocks of creating a positive mindset and lifestyle that lasts.


Join me every week for different workouts including HIIT, strength, cardio and yoga. The dynamic workouts are suitable for all fitness levels and designed to get results fast.


A delicious, budget friendly eating plan every week created by our WellCorp nutrition team with recipes and shopping list at the touch of a button.


My mindfulness and motivation experts will ensure that you de-stress, sleep better, focus and stay motivated.


As a Wellness Master you are never alone. You will be supported every step of the way by me, my crew and hundreds just like you.



Join our 8 Week Wellness Mastery Program and your staff will learn the secrets of connecting the mind, body and soul:
  • Workouts that your staff can do from home in 10 minutes.
  • Delicious, family-friendly recipes
  • Real-time support from ‘MJ’s Crew’, my trained team of fitness, nutrition and mindfulness experts
  • A supportive member community on Facebook
  • New Weekly fitness, nutrition and mindfulness videos each week and my “ MJ” video that I send you at the start of the week in real-time!
Join the thousands of people just like you who are getting great results from the comfort of their own home, for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day!


MJ Band-Aide

Lift & firm your muscles, while increasing your flexibility from home with our fabric, non-elastic, MJ Band-Aide.

  • ONE MJ Band-Aide
  • Results-Proven Workout and Stretching E-Book
  • FREE Access to FB Support Group & Qualified Band-Aide Master Trainers
  • FREE Workout Videos & Other Training Resources
Total Gym Exercise Equipment:

There are 3 key ways this product line can be introduced to your home work-outs, personal training business and fitness facility:

  1.  Strength Circuit – The product is intuitive and safe as a self serve circuit for exercisers to bridge the gap from fixed path selectorised to high intensity unstable dynamic training.

  2. Personal Training Tools – These products provide a fantastic platform for home exercisers and trainers to challenge themselves and all of their clients by introducing exercise variations and progressions.

  3. Team training – Because of their intuitive nature, these products are easy to integrate into a multi client environments, either on their own or as a compliment to other products like kettle bells, BOSU, or MJ Band-Aide.

Visit our website to see our full range or products http://www.hqh.com/